Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Tavel Rosé - Ogier - Bargeliere from Systembolaget

Warning: do not buy this wine!

What is Tavel Rosé? It is usually considered to be the only rosé that isn't a refreshing alcoholic beverage but a real wine with all the challenges and satisfactions that this implies. So since I am currently working on building a wine cellar here in Sweden I recently went to Systembolaget and bought 11 bottles of wine to try and decide what I wanted to lay down.

I had hopes for this one but OMG. Bland, boring, at the low end even of the "refreshing alcoholic beverage" range, let alone a Tavel. blech :(

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Trottobar, Halmstad

This was the big final dinner or the term, with all my colleagues. Free food is always nice, right? Or not.

The restaurant was rather empty when we arrived, and they suggested drinks to start out. Their recommendation, a rhubarb long drink, was in fact delicious. I could have had a lot more, and it's probably a good thing that I didn't. The dinner, now was another issue.

After a long wait, which I ungenerously attributed to their desire for us to buy more drinks, they told us they had made the wrong food for us - which, since we'd pre-ordered, was kind of surprising - and asked if anyone wanted lamb instead of beef. Well, I never turned down lamb in my life. However, when I eagerly went for that option, I didn't expect well-done lamb. The lamb may once have been a very good kind of meat, but now it was dry and boring. The cous-cous salad served with it was spicy and bland, which I must say is an achievement - just not one I see the reason for. I had opinions on what other people got, but I'll leave those to them - get your own food blogs, you!

The dessert was crème brulee, with which it's hard to go wrong. It is, nevertheless, doable. I ate mine in wonderment, trying to figure out what, exactly, one uses to get that texture. I still don't know, but I'm reasonably sure that egg and cream only won't do it.

All in all, a disappointing restaurant. I think I need to get more sozzled next time I visit, should there be a next time.